The Board of the Dutchess County Interfaith Council stands shoulder to shoulder with so many religious and non-religious organizations in denouncing the murder of George Floyd.  We support peaceful protests that ask our nation to address the unaddressed causes of racism that sicken our society and our souls.  The work ahead of us is profoundly challenging, but our faith traditions demand that we look upon each other with the eyes of compassion. 

We call all people to sit in judgment upon their hearts, knowing that it is our actions and our inaction that reveal our character.  Let this be the moment where the oppressed are heard, supported, and uplifted.  Let this be the moment where those who have ignored the pain of racism in America awake to see the injustice suffered by too many Americans. Let this be the moment we work together to bring about justice for all.

Those who have died from Covid 19 . . .

were mothers, fathers, brothers, sisters, friends and beloved members
of their community. In memory of those in our communities
who have passed away from the virus, Dutchess County Interfaith Council
has establ
ished an “In Memoriam” page.

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