• 31 May 2020
  • 1:00 PM - 4:00 PM
  • Poughkeepsie Galleria parking lot (Macy's entracne)

[Click on the link below the poster under our calendar to view the original email with more information of what is needed and who is involved.]

To all DCIC members,

Several communities across a variety of demographics are coming together to organize this ambitious food drive, in order to provide boxes of groceries to those in our community made food insecure by the Coronavirus pandemic.  The initiators of this food drive, Dr. Seema Rizvi (organizer of the “All For One” initiative) and Rabi Sinha (leader of the Sikh community in Dutchess), have asked us to help spread the word.  We aim to gather 1,000 food boxes, filled with non-perishable groceries, which will last each family for a few days. Distribution of the groceries will be at the Poughkeepsie Galleria Macy’s parking lot. (flyer attached)

We have just two weeks to get all the food ready for distribution on May 31st.

If you’re able to help, please supply one or two boxes (or more) in one of the following ways:

  • Buy groceries to fill a box of food and bring them to the drop off location (approx. $30/box; see details below)
  • Purchase a $25 gift card to donate so that someone in need can buy groceries
  • Make a donation on this GoFundMe page
    *When donating, please make sure to say no for tips. Go to “other” and then type in “$0”

Donations will go to food boxes, gift cards, and food banks

If you feel as we do that you’d like to do something to help during this crisis, if you have been disturbed by the sight of seemingly endless lines at food banks, please take this opportunity to show that our community cares and that we want to be part of the solution. 

If you know of a family that needs groceries, please let them know they can receive help through this food drive.

Thank you, 
Dutchess County Interfaith Council


Thursday May 28, Friday May 29 & Saturday May 30     

8am - 5pm  

Drop-off location: 159 Barnegate Road Poughkeepsie, NY
(Hudson Valley Federal Credit Union, opposite IBM ) main floor 

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